Israel has already rolled them out, and the European Union is poised to follow suit

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Photo: Lukas via Unsplash

In recent weeks, Israel has started rolling out two types of digital certificates related to Covid-19 immunity. One is the “immunity certificate,” which is a confirmation that the holder received two vaccine doses and is thus immune. This confirmation will allow people to lead an almost regular, pre-Covid-19 way of life.

A person with an Israeli immunity certificate can eat in a restaurant, work out at the gym, or see a play in the theater. …

I hope I won't get deported for this

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Meghan and Harry announcing their second pregnancy to the world. Photo: Misan Harriman

There are two sides to every coin, but only one has the Queen’s portrait on it. Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, chose the other side.

Megxit, the royal couple’s split from the rest of the royal family, turned Harry and Meghan into the villains in the eyes of many. They are not the most popular people in the UK right now. In case you’ve missed it, that was a very British understatement.

According to data analysis company YouGov, Harry is currently holding number 8 in ‘The Most Popular Royal’ poll although being 4th most famous. Meghan…

New data highlights the magnitude of the phenomena

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Photo by Hello I'm Nik 🎞 on Unsplash

A few years ago, I was approached by a friend of a friend with an offer. He started selling a product on Amazon and was looking for ways to grow his business in the UK. The product was a placement plate for kids, it was divided into 4 compartments and stuck itself to the table with suction so that it couldn’t easily move once placed. The seller offered to give me a coupon code that meant I could buy the plate for £1 and in return asked that I’ll write a review…

Between the lines of his book, I sensed President Obama was sending a distress signal

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“A Promised Land” by Barack Obama

I approached President Obama’s book “A Promised Land” full of anticipation. Being a politics-nerd with a deep sense of appreciation for gossip, I couldn’t wait to hear (I‘m also an audiobook guy) the President’s impression of foreign leaders and recent events. There were, literally, impressions — The President does a great German accent for Angela Merkel and a less convincing yet entertaining Benjamin Netanyahu. Unexpectedly, I was left with something completely different after finishing the book.

It shouldn't be surprising that being the president of…

France is the first country to vaccinate people who previously had Covid-19 with only one dose

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Photo: CDC on Unsplash

In many countries, the demand for Covid-19 vaccines greatly outweighs the supply. This has been especially apparent in Europe: Late purchasing, a slow rollout, and problems with distribution have caused the European vaccine campaign to undergo a very shaky start.

France has had an even more troubling vaccine rollout than some of its European neighbors. With a current ratio of 4.12 vaccines per 100 people, France is behind the EU’s average. It trails countries like Germany, Spain, and Italy, and it’s especially far behind its neighbor, the U.K.

The French rollout has been criticized by the media and has faced…

The future relations between humans and machines are more complex than we might think

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Photo by Jesse Chan on Unsplash

Imagine, God forbid, that a driver makes a horrible mistake and kills someone you love. The driver would be arrested. There would be a trial. There would be punishment. At some point, you will face a hard question, do you forgive the driver and try to move on?

Now think of the same scenario only instead of a human driver, there’s a self-driving car. Should it be punished? Would you forgive it? Is punishment or forgiveness even possible or necessary when it comes to automated machines?

Instinctively you might say no, and although a killer self-driving car is an extreme…

How a small town’s parish council meeting broke the internet

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Jackie Weaver rose to internet fame. Photo: Youtube

The best British political-drama you can find right now is coming from the small English town of Handforth, and it all happened over a Zoom meeting.

The meeting started with an off-screen participant murmuring “f**k off” towards the speaker.

Later, participant ‘Julie’s I pad’ received a phone call, and although having her camera off, turned into the focal point of the chat by saying “I’m just in a meeting at the moment, can I give you a callback?”.

Participant Ian Ball tried to speak but was on mute. ‘Alan’s Ipad’…

A story of evil, kindness, and Candy Crush

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Photo by Gwendal Cottin on Unsplash

Dear thief.

I apologize, I do not know your name and so I refer to you by occupation. You might not remember me, a few years ago I was sitting on the Paris metro train, right next to the door, doing what one does on a long train ride from central Paris to one of the city’s suburbs — Playing Candy Crush.

My head was down, my eyes were fixated on the different colored patterns, my finger skilfully dragged each shape from left to right, top to bottom, trying to form a…

The inspirational life of ‘Captain Tom’, and his symbolic death

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Captain Sir Tom Moore. Photo: Twitter

I’ve spoken with Captain Tom Moore in April. He had just celebrated an accomplishment not even he thought was possible.

Britain was at the peak of the first wave. Hospitals were under immense strain, hundreds were dying every day. Locked down in our houses for the first time in recent history; These were days of fearing what was known and dreading what was not.

In the face of national despair, Tom Moore decided to act. He was then 99 years old, about to turn 100 in three weeks. …

New data from the world leader in vaccination rate give an optimistic picture of the second vaccine dose effects

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Photo by L N on Unsplash

Around 100 million people have received a Covid-19 vaccine in “real world” settings. There are still many unknowns, and watching the knowledge unfold is fascinating. Luckily, so far, it also looks promising.

There aren’t many places better to seek vaccine-related data in than Israel. A country of fewer than 10 million citizens that already vaccinated more than a third of its population. Israel is way ahead of the curve in vaccine rates. Being a “tech-friendly” nation, it’s also keeping score; a detailed breakdown of all Covid-19 related statistics is constantly updated on the Ministry of Health’s website.

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