Freed Hostage Testimonies: Adina Moshe

After watching her husband’s murder, Adina became the voice of the hostages in the Hamas tunnel

Elad Simchayoff
5 min readJan 25, 2024
Adina Moshe. Freed from captivity after 49 days. Photo: Channel 12 News

Adina Moshe (72) lived in Kibbutz Nir OZ with her husband David. On October 7h, when the rocket attack began, they entered the safe room in their house.

Adina remembers how, based on the blasts heard, they counted hundreds of rockets being fired toward Israel. The rockets flew past Nir Oz and the couple felt safe enough to leave the shelter.

When they stepped out, they saw armed men running in the yard. “They were wearing uniforms and red boots”, Adina told Channel 12 News in a first interview since she returned from captivity, “we thought they were IDF soldiers until they started speaking Arabic”.

Adina and David ran back inside the house, Adina hid under the bed. The door was locked but the terrorists managed to break the window. Two of them grabbed Adina and pulled her out. She saw the terrorists shoot David twice, and then twice more to make sure he was dead. David was able to blow Adina one final kiss before she was dragged away and taken on board a motorcycle, pictured with two armed abductors who took her to Gaza.

Once in Gaza, Adina recalls, her abductor snatched one of her earrings off her ear. “It was awful so



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