With all due respect, I disagree. I happen to be a correspondent for Israel's largest news channel and I see a bit more than these article portray. The right-wing settlers are protesting against Netanyahu. His rival from an even more right-wing party just jumped to 19 seats in the polls. The Israeli left is celebrating the end of annexation. It won't happen anytime soon, no way. Kushner said to Israeli reports today that Netanyahu agreed to not annex unless the US gives consent, and that they won't do that any time soon. If it won't happen with these two governments, that officially recognized the Golan heights and officially declared Jerusalem as the Israeli capital - it won't happen.

And regarding "the White House lies" - well, so does anyone else in politics. When Netanyahu talks about postponing annexation it's for his own political interests.

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I love writing about what I love. Journalist. Always curious. Israeli born, London based. Father, Husband, and a dog person.

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