The Case For Harry & Meghan

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Elad Simchayoff


Meghan and Harry announcing their second pregnancy to the world. Photo: Misan Harriman

There are two sides to every coin, but only one has the Queen’s portrait on it. Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, chose the other side.

Megxit, the royal couple’s split from the rest of the royal family, turned Harry and Meghan into the villains in the eyes of many. They are not the most popular people in the UK right now. In case you’ve missed it, that was a very British understatement.

According to data analysis company YouGov, Harry is currently holding number 8 in ‘The Most Popular Royal’ poll although being 4th most famous. Meghan is at number 11 although being 5th most famous. They are both unliked by most men, women, Millennials, Gen X, and Baby Boomers.

Being cross-generationally unliked, that’s no an easy thing to accomplish, not even for a royal.

It’s true, Harry and Meghan made a lot of mistakes along the way. A memorable one was not updating the queen on their plans to go independent and launch a new website. According to reports, the queen was “devastated”.

But here in the UK, that approach is mainstream. I’m here to tell this story differently. I’m here to deliver the case for Harry and Meghan.

Slimming Down

The monarchy will undoubtedly look very different in the future. The Queen has been wearing the crown for almost 70 years now. She’s much loved and appreciated and considered a symbol of the old, powerful, meaningful monarchy.

Her successor, however, is not.

Prince Charles is controversial. Still carrying with him the unfixable reputation damages from his failed marriage to Diana and her tragic death. Prince Charles will be a less popular king than his mother as queen. He’ll be a monarch ruling over a different country, in different times, and in a different world.

In modern times, in a fast-moving world, and when countries are more concerned with the future rather than the past, an age-old establishment like the monarchy could face a lot more challenges in its efforts to survive.

The royal family had changed too. The pandemic caused a multi-million dollar loss for what is known as ‘The Firm’. It…



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