Hey SC,

Your points are valid but I don't see how they counter the ones I've made. I don't think there is a peace process in history which didn't have any other interest behind it. Trump wants to win in November? of course he does, he's a politician. I think your'e taking my story on a different path then the one I was intending to though. I wasn't saying that Trump is a good president, or bad for that matter, I was saying that he did things differently, and that made the process happen. I'm not sure whether it was thanks to his leadership of despite of it, but it did happen and he was a big factor in it.

And in regards to Yemen, the situation is terrible. By the way, there is a large Jewish community in Yemen now wanting to leave to the UAE following the agreement. The things don't cancel each other out. Peace is a good thing, and yet, there is still much to fix in the world.

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I love writing about what I love. Journalist. Always curious. Israeli born, London based. Father, Husband, and a dog person.

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