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It is true that it is not a “peace agreement” in the sense that the Israel-Egyptian agreement was. As opposed to the 79' accord, the UAE and Israel were never officially in a state of war. However, this is a major deal. As mentioned, the convention that any recognition in Israel would have to go through the Palestinians was set aside. Like it or not, I’m not getting into that, just mentioning a fact.

It’s enough to see what’s going on in the UAE since the agreement was announced to see that change this might have on the region. My day-job, as much as I love Medium, is being a senior foreign affairs correspondent for Israel’s largest TV news company. I speak to people from the UAE and Israel, the potential ramifications are big.

Whether we will see the circle widens and more countries joining, without the Palestinian issue being addressed, that is yet to be seen. And yet, it is a viable possibility that was considered non-existent by many just a few weeks ago.

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