Enough with Calling Trump to Stop The Riot

He can’t, he won’t, and guess what, he didn’t

For some reason, people are calling and actually expecting President Trump to put a stop to the riots going on on Capitol Hill.

President-Elect Joe Biden said, “I call on President Trump to go on national television now to fulfill his oath and defend the Constitution and demand an end to this siege”.

Others called the President to do the same.

This is absurd.

Just hours before the mob stormed the Capitol building, President Trump gave yet another inciting speech. ”We will never concede”, the President said, repeating unfounded claims about election fraud, and how the presidency was “stolen”. ”I’ll be with you on the march to the Capitol”, Trump said, the crowd cheered with excitement.

He wasn’t there with them; His words were.

For the past few weeks, President Trump has accelerated his attack on the most basic foundations of American democracy. It’s a campaign he has been managing for years.

During the 2016 elections, Trump claimed the process was rigged by the “dishonest media” and “cheating” Democrats. Ever since then, and throughout his presidency, Trump echoed these views. The media were to him “enemy of the people”. The elections were “a fraud”. He recently promised to “fight like hell” and said, “they’re not taking this White House”.

Like a tree that was watered and kept growing, these messages were constantly dripping into the ears and minds of many who took them to heart. This tree has now solid roots, branches, and leaves. You don’t cut down a tree with a TV speech, nor with a tweet.

So the protestors caused a riot, they came to “fight like hell”. They stormed the Capitol for a “revolution”. They came to reclaim what they were told was theirs and was being stolen away. They came to rub it in the “fake news” media’s face and to kick some cameras and gears while they were at it.

Trump can’t stop them. Not the people that were storming the Capitol, holding the confederate flag. He can’t stop the people that were passing the halls of the Senate, walking door to door shouting “where the f**k are they?”. Trump can’t stop the person who broke into the Speaker’s office, defiantly put his foot on her table, and left a note saying, “we will not back down”.

These are people who were fed lies and hate, people who were told that they could proudly act based on conspiracy theories, bigotry, and anger. They got the green light from the man in the most senior position. They were, even tonight, called “patriots”.

So the President can’t really stop them, it’s too late for that. He can’t and he also won’t. Trump needs the unrest, he needs to keep the fire burning. He needs to keep the sentiment of frustration alive. If not 2020, Trump might want to run again in 2024, he’ll need this crowd motivated, he’ll need them angry. He’ll need them still willing to “fight like hell”.

And as expected, Trump didn’t stop them. Not really at least. The President of the United States told an angry mob storming the Capitol “we love you, you are very special”. The President, yet again, gave a green light to anarchy and to anarchists. The President, yet again, incited people using lies. The President, yet again, threw a box of matches in a fire that has been burning out of control.

Stop asking him to stop it. He can’t, he won’t, and he doesn’t.

I love writing about what I love. Journalist. Always curious. Israeli born, London based. Father, Husband, and a dog person.

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