Dr. Sarah Halimi was beaten and thrown out of a balcony, her killer will not face trial

Sarah Halimi. Photo: CRIF (Conseil représentatif des institutions juives de France)

Dr. Sarah Halimi was 65-years-old, a retired physician and teacher. She was a French Orthodox Jew, with 3 children and many friends. Everyone who knew her says she was a good person.

On the night of April 4th, 2017, Sarah was sleeping alone at her 3rd-floor apartment in the Belleville district of Paris. It is a social housing project, Halimi has been living there for 30 years. She was the only Jewish person to have lived in the building at the time.

On the same April night, Kobili Traoré, a 27-year-old drug dealer who was addicted to cannabis, was watching…

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The extraordinary story of baby Hessy Levinsons

Hessy Levinsons on the cover of the Nazi magazine “Sonne ins Haus”. Photo: Holocaust Memorial Museum

In the spring of 1935, a woman went into a shop in Lithuania. She wanted to buy a birthday card for Hessy, her niece who lived in Germany, and would soon turn 1-year-old. The woman looked at the birthday cards section and suddenly saw something that made her gasp in shock.

“Where did you get this picture from?”, the woman asked the shopkeeper. “Oh that’s not just a picture”, the shopkeeper replied with excitement. “That’s a real baby, a Berliner baby!”. The woman paid for the postcard and sent it to her niece.

The baby on that postcard, the cute…

Measuring the vaccine against the disease

Photo by Diana Polekhina/Unsplash

In an ideal world, vaccines would only prevent diseases and not also cause them. In an ideal world, a vaccine would be categorized as “effective” or “not effective” and not as “relatively beneficial.” Unfortunately, the world is far from ideal and far more complex.

The European health regulators faced the same difficult question for the second time in recent weeks: Which outweighs the other: the risks of the Covid-19 vaccine or the risks of the disease?

After cases of serious and unusual blood clots in people who were vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccine were reported in the…

The rich European football clubs wanted their own league, it backfired spectacularly

The UEFA Championship League is now at risk. Photo: UEFA

This is not a story about football (European football or soccer for you American readers). I mean, it is, but at its core, it really isn’t.

Let me explain.

The Champions League is the most popular private clubs sports event in the world. The tournament draws 380 million viewers from more than 200 countries. Winning the Champions League is the most lucrative, most prestigious, and most reputable accomplishment for a local team and for its football players.

The tournament, which is organized by UEFA (Union European Football Associations), was created in 1955 but was successfully rebranded in 1992. …

A big crisis might help solve an even bigger one

Photo by Kyle Dias on Unsplash

In March 2020, the President of the International Olympic Committee, Thomas Bach, tried his best to turn bad news into sounding more optimistic. “Let me start with the good news first”, He said in a video statement. “We all would be able to celebrate the Olympic games Tokyo 2020, even if it's only in 2021”.

It wasn’t the most elegant try, and unfortunately, it didn't work. The Olympic Games were postponed only twice before, both due to two world wars. Although Bach tried to sound cheerful, postponing the 2020 Tokyo…

Life lesson from the late Prince Philip

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. 1921–2021. Photo: The Royal Family

When he turned 90, Prince Philip gave a lengthy interview to the BBC. Reflecting on his entry into the world of the British royals, and specifically, as being Royal Consort to the Queen, the Duke said:

“There was no precedent. If I asked somebody, ‘What do you expect me to do?’ They all looked blank. They had no idea.”

There was no ‘rule book’ for royal spouses, no guidelines or how-tos. Prince Philip, could, if he chose to, sit idly by, wave nicely, smile to the cameras, and unveil a few plaques.

“He had a choice between just tagging along…

It’s a big and noisy problem

Photo: Hush Naidoo/Unsplash

Anyone who’s been at a hospital knows it’s a loud place. A constant beeping sound coming from various machines, an underlying chatter, the occasional cough or cry, the buzzing hiss of fluorescent lights.

The guidelines made by WHO are very clear. A hospital’s noise level should be “as low as possible”. The suggested level is set at 30 dB LAeq, which is equivalent to a quiet rural area, one-sixteenth as loud as a vacuum cleaner. That’s very quiet. It never happens.

An English study conducted in 2008 found that the noise level in a hospital surgical ward reached 95.6 dB…

Social media works differently, you need to know when to pull the plug

The tweet sparked outrage. Photo: Twitter

Yep, this is a real tweet. It was posted by the real Burger King UK account. It was up for hours. It ended badly.

The campaign was well-intended. On international women’s day, Burger King launched a scholarship program to help women “pursue their culinary dreams” and become chefs. In the UK, 20% of the chefs are women. In the US, 24% of the chefs and only 7% of the head chefs are women.

So the Burger King Foundation set up the H.E.R. (Helping Equalize Restaurants) Scholarship, offering…

Breaking down 5 lines that took the Royals almost 2 days to write

The interview that rocked the monarchy. Photo: CBS, Harpo Productions/Joe Pugliese

It took about 41 hours since Meghan and Harry’s interview went live until Buckingham Palace finally commented. The couple laid a carefully-worded, brilliantly-structured, and well-planned list of charges against the royal family and the royal ‘institution’, and yet the palace was silent.

According to reports by the British media, following the explosive interview, a series of urgent crisis meetings were held at the palace. The Queen was there along with Prince Charles and Prince William. With them, the royal family’s top advisors. …

Israel has already rolled them out, and the European Union is poised to follow suit

Photo: Lukas via Unsplash

In recent weeks, Israel has started rolling out two types of digital certificates related to Covid-19 immunity. One is the “immunity certificate,” which is a confirmation that the holder received two vaccine doses and is thus immune. This confirmation will allow people to lead an almost regular, pre-Covid-19 way of life.

A person with an Israeli immunity certificate can eat in a restaurant, work out at the gym, or see a play in the theater. …

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I love writing about what I love. Journalist. Always curious. Israeli born, London based. Father, Husband, and a dog person.

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