Fighting Covid taught me more than reporting on it ever could

My positive test result and the day our battle began

Photo by call me hangry 🇫🇷 on Unsplash

‘The Queen’s Gambit’ director gave the world’s best example in front of millions of viewers

Director Scott Frank unfolding his Emmy acceptance speech. Source: Youtube

Photo by Andrew Ebrahim on Unsplash

Photo by Sohaib Ghyasi on Unsplash

Ted Lasso. Photo: AppleTV

To boost or not to boost, that is the question (plus many others)

Israeli President Isaac Herzog receives the third vaccine dose. Image via Twitter

There’s a reason why it feels like a torturing device; It was

Photo by Sven Mieke on Unsplash

The U.K.’s controversial plan shouldn’t be discarded as stupidity

Photo: Mangopear creative/Unsplash

And how learning to juggle got me out of a slump

Photo by Peggy Anke on Unsplash

Elad Simchayoff

I love writing about what I love. Journalist. Always curious. Israeli born, London based. Father, Husband, and a dog person.

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